Group Classes

Are you a first-timer, or relatively new to ballroom dancing?  We highly recommend group classes as a great way for beginners to learn.  Don’t worry about having a partner.  Just bring your commitment to learn and a friendly attitude, and everything else will take care of itself.   Group classes are usually scheduled to allow drop-ins, so drop-in anytime and sign up for one of our group classes today!



 * Make new friends!

 * Learn to dance in a fun, no-pressure, social setting.

 * Learn dance patterns and partnering skills.  Learn to lead or follow with any partner, any time!


Experience Levels


These classes are for students completely new to ballroom dancing.  Classes will cover a few basic steps & general dance techniques.


These classes are for students with at least a one month of experience in a particular dance style.  Classes will cover general dance techniques and choreography.


These classes are for students who have a good command of basic dance patterns.  Classes will cover choreography and go more in-depth into advanced technique and dance movement.  Most students in these classes have typically danced for at least a year.


Most students in these classes have danced for more than 2 years.  Classes will cover advanced choreography and dance principles, styling, and mechanics of each dance movement.


*** Please ask us if you have any questions about which level is appropriate for you.